Film  - Editorial / Short

2015 Turner The Surfer
Turner showing how to surf. This was shot at Surfrider Beach, Los Angeles.

2014 The Stuntman
A Short film about a stuntman with a secret. This was shot in Los Angeles.

2013 Interview Magazine
The Scandinavian road trip to the city of Stockholm, Sweden.

2013 Interview Magazine
The Scandinavian road trip to the Ingmar Bergman Festival, Sweden.

2012 The Swedish Red Cross
Celebrities calling out for charity, TV-commercial for channel 4. Filmed in Stockholm, Sweden.

2010 Audi & The Ski Team
Interviews and action shots with the stars of the Swedish ski team. Filmed on location in the north of Sweden.

2007 Absolut
Tasting events in clubs. This was filmed on location in Madrid, Spain.

2007 Absolut
Interviews with the team and the making of an Absolut commercial spot. This was filmed in Johannesburg South Africa.

2006 Absolut
Interviews with celebrities about their club life. This was filmed in Berlin, Madrid, Mexico City, Shanghai and Toronto.

2006 Absolut
Absolut Lenny Kravitz. Interview with the band Jazzanova about the collaboration. This was film on location in Berlin.