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daniel sahlberg
daniel sahlberg
daniel sahlberg
daniel sahlberg
daniel sahlberg

Daniel Sahlberg is a Swedish photographer based in LA and Stockholm.

Specialized in portraits, fashion and advertising. He is photographing campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world
including Absolut, Audi, Carlsberg and Marshall Speakers. Along with contributions to printed publications such as
Bon, GQ, Interview, Odalisque, Plaza and Uomo Magazine. 

Daniel Sahlberg is a recipient of the Golden Egg advertising award in his portraits for Amnesty & Civil Rights. 

He has a genuine interest in people and loves to tell a story. This shows through in his photos and can be viewed in his celebrity
portraits, advertising campaigns, along with his art show projects photographing Rockabillys and Surfers. 

Advertisning Awards - The Golden Egg

2014 Civil Right Defenders

Agency RBK Communication, Category PR.

2014 Civil Right Defenders

Agency RBK Communication, Category Alternative Media.

2014 Civil Right Defenders

Agency RBK Communication, Category Mobile Design.

2005 Alkoholkommittén

Agency TBWA, Category Volunteer work.

Art  -  Exhibitions

2011 A Pedestrian Display of Affection

A series of pictures, showing the city of Toronto, Canada.

2011 L.A.TIMOZ

This project was shot at the beach in Los Angeles. Showing Latino "The Smiths" fans.

2009 The Rockabilly Fat Fringes

This is a still progressing photography book project, consisting portraits of Rockabillys and the 50’s style.

2007 The Shape of Things to Come

Galleri Jonas Kleerup Stockholm. Photographs of American cars were presented in this exhibition of various photographers.

2006 L.A.TIMOZ

Sturehof Stockholm. Tattooed Latinos who most likely are willing to take a bullet for the former "the Smiths" singer Morrissey.

2005 Rockabilly Rebels

Kulturhuset Stockholm.The final exhibition of a 5 - year project portraying the Rockabilly culture. This art show traveled and was
also shownat Hotel Tylösand, Sweden.

2004 Rebels One

Otto Proximity Stockholm. A series of black and white portraits from Daniel Sahlberg's initial venture into the Rockabilly scene.

Film  -  Editorial / Short

2015 Turner the Surfer

The surfer Turner showing how to surf. This was shot at Surfrider Beach, Los Angeles.

2014 The Stuntman

A Short film about a Stuntman with a secret. This was shot in Los Angeles.

2013 Interview Magazine

The Scandinavian road trip to the city of Stockholm, Sweden.

2013 Interview Magazine

The Scandinavian road trip together with the Interview team, to the Ingmar Bergman Festival, Fårö Sweden.

2012 The Swedish Red Cross

Celebrities calling out for charity. TV-commercial for channel 4. Filmed in Stockholm, Sweden.

2010 Audi & The Ski Team

Interviews with the stars of the Swedish ski team. Filmed on location in Åre the north of Sweden.

2007 Absolut Vodka

Tasting events in clubs. This was filmed on location in the city Madrid, Spain.

2007 Absolut Vodka

Interviews with the team and the making of an Absolut Vodka commercial. This was filmed in Johannesburg, South Africa
and Stockholm, Sweden.

2006 Absolut Vodka

Celebrities telling stories about their club life. This was filmed in Berlin, Madrid, Mexico City, Shanghai and Toronto.

2006 Absolut Vodka

Absolut Lenny Kravitz. Interview with the band Jazzanova about the collaboration. This was filmed on location in Berlin.

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